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Thorntree is a housing estate in east Middlesbrough within the unitary authority of Middlesbrough and the ceremonial county of North Yorkshire, England. The population of this Middlesbrough ward taken at the 2011 census was 6,290. It is so called because it was built on land which was Thorntree Farm. It has a public park called Thorntree Park. The main roads of the estate are College Road and The Greenway. This housing estate was built in the late 1940s after people started to move away from the terraced housing of Middlesbrough town centre and North Ormesby. Thorntree has a population of 5,000 and was identified as the 3rd most deprived (out of 8,414) housing ward in England, in 2000. However, since the Index of Multiple Deprivation has begun to measure smaller output areas with a mean population of 1500, the three areas of Thorntree now rank 192nd, 205th and 378th most deprived (out of 34,412) in England respectively.

A disgruntled resident in a Thorntree apartment shared this in a review, "My boyfriend and I have lived here now for 2 years, we have a small child so we try not to move a lot. At first everyone was nice and friendly and worked with us when we had issues, however now I won't even go to the office to complain or anything because they are so rude and every time it seems like there's something new we have to pay for. Over the 2 years they've overcharged us multiple times and not one time have I received money back. They even charged us 300 for using their electricity when we use a different company. Now they're telling me my dog is too big and he's barely above my ankle but people have huskys in this same damn apartments. I can not wait to move from here."


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Carole Ingleby says

"Have been waiting for a refund for the subscription money taken from my bank account after the magazine was stopped. Keep being passed from pillar to post with continual promises it's being sorted. It clearly isn't. Over a month now and many many calls and emails. Very poor customer service"

Eric B says

"Terrible. First time purchasing a book here. It has been over a month and they still have not shipped it. Been emailing them back and forth but they still will not send it. They say they have no control over the factories that hold the books. Asked to speak with a supervisor or manager and have been completely ignored. So right now I’m out $40."

Sally Pocock says

"After buying a subscription (and money has been deducted from my bank), i still have not received an issue which was due to be released 30th April then 14 may????"

Julian says

"Scammed after following Lonely Planet's recommendation to get travel insurance with World Nomads. World Nomads turned out to be a scam insurance company as they do not reply to emails and claim that they never received and emails for documentation that they asked in order to commence the claim. They just keep asking for the email and documents and you have no choice but to keep sending them the same things until probably you just give up. Shame on you Lonely Planet. And avoid World Nomads at all costs."

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